IPT Point Of Sale

IPT Point Of Sale - IPTPOS is the next generation in point of sale technology designed exclusively for mobility, flexibility & simplicity. IPT Point Of Sale - IPTPOS is full featured, complete with state of the art point of sale capabilities and flexibility to accommodate from small outlets to extremely large establishments with super complex menus.

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IPT Kitchen Display System

IPT Kitchen Display System - IPTKDS allows orders to be sent automatically to the kitchen, improving communication from the front to the back. Using our KDS report saving 10-20 seconds per order, providing customers faster service.

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Tips: Send Orders to Kitchen Printers

IPT Reports

IPT Reports gives you access to sales data via email. If a shift is closed, the POS would send this data to your email. Access sales data anywhere with IPT Reports app.

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IPT Call Center System

IPT Call Center System - IPTCCS is a feature that allows phone lines to be connected to the IPT Point Of Sale customer database. When a call comes in, the IPT Point Of Sale operator has the ability to accept the call which opens an order with which is associated with the customer calling.

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