IPT Point Of Sale compatible with Windows 11 - 10 - 8.1 - 8 - 7 - Vista - XP

Step by Step

1. Learn IPT Point Of Sale programming step-by-step. (20 minutes)

Step 1: First Time Setup (2 minutes)

Step 2: Create Table Layout (skip this step with Retail) (4 minutes)

Step 3: Add Menu Items (4 minutes)

Step 4: Design Menu Items (2 minutes)

Step 5: Add Employees (4 minutes)

Step 6: Take Orders. Done. (1 minute)

Daily Tasks for Cashier (easy to become a cashier - 3 minutes to do)


Tips: Print the suggested gratuity on the tickets (increase your income)

Tips: Removing items from the order (change quantity to 0)

Tips: I want to order food on the iPhone (order at the table)

Tips: I want to use the topping modifiers (Beef steak can be cooked to a level of rare, medium, or well done)

Tips: I don't want to use the kitchen printers (stop the kitchen printers)

Tips: The store sale data default is 90 DAYS. I want to change this value (The sales data older than 90 days are deleted)

Tips: Data Synchronization (Sync across all your devices)

Stop Computer from Turning Off, Sleeping, Hibernating after so many Minutes.

2. How to use IPT Point Of Sale.

Daily Tasks for Cashier

Print Z Report - Demo Data


Download END_OF_SHIFT_REPORT_29.zip

It is small. Thermal Receipt Paper Width: 3 1/8" (80mm)

About Cashier In/Out Tasks. Check to see how much cash is in the cash drawer.
Cashier In: Count the Beginning Cash Amount. Begin of the amount of currency which was in the drawer at the start of the shift.
Cashier Out: Count the Ending Cash Amount. The total amount of currency in the drawer.

3. Tips for using IPT Point Of Sale

A. Quick create menu items from the Excel file.

Excel Sample Data

Import Menu Items from the Excel file

Then go to Menu Entry to update TAX VALUE (7.25%, 10.00%...), assign KITCHEN PRINTER to kitchen.

B. I want to change ticket information such as: store name, address, phone, pos station...

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Settings.

C. The default receipt paper size is 80mm. I want to change the size: 58mm, 112mm, A5, A4.

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Settings => Select template size what you want.

D. I want to change the currency format, currency symbol ($, €, ¥...).

Example: US Dollar $5.95 (use decimal place, 2) - Japan Yen ¥5 (DO NOT use decimal place, 0).
Home Screen => Admin Entry => Format Numbers.

E. The default screen layout in order entry is the right. I want to change the left.

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Advanced Settings => Advanced Settings => Order Layout Left (set ON).

F. I want to rename the words such as: Server to Staff, Ticket to Receipt, Station to POS, Table to Room...

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Language => Language Editor.

G. I want to allow auto logout after save the orders.

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Advanced Settings => Advanced Settings => Show Home (set ON).

H. I want to update a new version.

Home Screen => Admin Entry => Advanced Settings => Software Update (scroll down).

I. I want to print the temporary ticket. Print BEFORE PAY this ticket.

Home Screen => Order (1) or Delivery (7) or Recall (10) => Open an Order => Pay => Print (the bottom right corner of your screen).

How to

J. I want to re-print the ticket. This ticket was completed and you want to re-print it.

Home Screen => Tickets (2) => Select an Order => Print.

K. I don't see the open tickets. Where do I find them?

Home Screen => More (6) => Recall (10).

L. Show price with tax or without tax on item display.

Home Screen => Menu (5) => Taxes => Allow Tax Inclusive Prices. Default Value: OFF
Price without Tax: Tax Amount = Unit Price x Tax Rate.
Price with Tax: Tax Amount = Unit Price - (Unit Price / (1 + Tax Rate)).

M. Store Sale Data Default: 90 DAYS.

If you want to change this value. Home Screen => Admin => Advanced Settings => Advanced Settings and Select Store Sale Data what you want. Then Press Done.


4. How to delete all the test tickets?

Scenario: I have setup the tables and all the menu items. But I have a lot of test tickets. How do I delete all the test tickets?

Case 1: Home Screen => Tickets (2) => Ticket List (top right) => Select a ticket and delete it (at the end of line). (Notes: Login as Admin or Manager Role).

Case 2: Home Screen => Admin => Advanced Settings => Reset Data => Select Reset Sale Data.

Case 3: Use external tools

How to renew the POS (erase all data)?

Get Demo Database (easy & quick programming as a data professional - 1 minute to do)

5. Question. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to send us a message.

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