IPT Barcode

Design and print the barcode labels form Microsoft Excel

I have a Laser Printer. I want to design the barcode labels from Microsoft Excel and then print them.
Notes: At this time, we support the Barcode 39, Barcode 128.

Download IPTBarcode.zip



Default paper size: Letters 8.5in x 11in (3 x 10 = 30 labels per sheet)

A. How to use the IPT Barcode?

B. Questions & Answers

C. Notes

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A. How to use the IPT Barcode?

Step 1: Go to folder Fonts. Copy 2 font files to C:\Windows\Fonts
- LibreBarcode39ExtendedText-Regular.ttf
- LibreBarcode128Text-Regular.ttf
Or double click the fonts. And then click Install.

Step 2: Open a Excel file
- Barcode39\IPTBarcode39_3x10.xlsm
- Barcode128\IPTBarcode128_3x10.xlsm

Step 3: Enter your item list (ItemName, UnitPrice, Barcode)
- Replace the default data

Step 4: Click Generate Barcodes

Step 5: Click Print. Click Print icon. Select Microsoft Print to PDF.

Step 6: Verify the PDF barcodes.

Step 7: Print the PDF barcodes. Done.

B. Questions & Answers

Question: Default paper size
Answer: Letters 8.5in x 11in (3 x 10 = 30 labels per sheet)

Question: I want to re-design the barcode to fit our paper size.
Answer: On Excel (sheet2, Barcodes). Edit the first barcode. Then On Sheet 1 (Item List): Click Generate Barcodes.

Question: I want to print a page one item.
Answer: On Excel. Sheet1 (Item List): A2 enter 10 (rows for an item) (or If your templeate is 8 rows, enter is 8).

C. Notes

- The first barcode is standard. The other barcodes will copy the first barcode format.
- Using Windows Fonts to display the barcode.
- If you want to use the barcode 39, the first barcode replace the barcode 39 font.
- With BARCODE 39. You have to add START and END character "*".